Czas Kultury 3/2019 (202/EN)

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Two Freedoms, Two Independences

is a section whose common denominator are these anniversaries. American and Polish authors alike enthusiastically agreed to take a comparative look at the issue of freedom and independence on both sides of the ocean. On the one hand, the model of freedom practiced in the United States has become paradigmatic for a number of discourses, and as a benchmark, it must be continuously reexamined. On the other, we are experiencing a revival of liberation movements in Poland in all shades and colors across the (broadly understood) political scene, and it is hard to ignore these changes. Critical and research texts, as well as essays based on experiences and case studies, are supplemented here with artistic explorations.


is currently the most well-known Polish writer. She has received the Nike prize twice, one of the most prestigious literary awards in Poland. The winner of the International Booker Prize in 2018, she was again nominated for it a year later. She is an ambassador for literature written after 1989 both in Poland and the world over.

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Two Freedoms, Two Independences

7 Poland’s Century of Rebirths: The Appeals of Positive and Negative Freedoms | Molly O’Neal
15 On American Crises in Granting Freedom | Hanna Mamzer
20 A Cross-Time Comparison of Men and Women’s Public Opinion on Freedom, Liberty, and Democracy
in Poland and the U.S. | Sandra Hanson, Steven A. Tuch
35 Polish Chicago and the Struggle for a Free and Independent Poland | Dominic A. Pacyga
42 Artist’s Statement | Karolina Kubik
54 On Freedom in the Land of Free – Through the Eyes of an Anthropologist’s: Reminiscences | Michał Buchowski
61 Jazz: A Celebration of Freedom | Megan Roy Will
68 American Dream – Art, Freedom, Experiment and Educational Utopia in Action | Marek Wasilewski
74 Kennedy, the FBI and Barańczak |  Interview with Franciszek Lyra by Krzysztof Hoffmann
79 From Crossing Series | Endi Poskovic


89 Brasov 1989 / Postcard to X, from Warsaw, ulica Piękna („Pretty Street”) / Postcard from Warsaw in Summer, to Whomever is Listening / Return / Unbashed | Cecilia Woloch


97 It Took me Ten Years and a Lot of Work to Find a Publisher | Interview with Jennifer Croft by Weronika Szwebs
99 Post-secular Catabase. A Booklet by Olga Tokarczuk | Piotr Bogalecki
108 Olga Tokarczuk’s Nomadism | Wojciech Józef Burszta
113 Always Towards, Not From-to. Experiment, Travel, and Deconstruction in „Flights” by Olga Tokarczuk | Krzysztof Hoffmann


121 Lesbian Cattle Dogs Discuss Poetry | Lydia Conklin


125 The Polish Hearts of Darkness. Postcolonial Dimensions of History and Culture | Waldemar Kuligowski

In the Workshop

133 An Epoch without Epoch | Dawid Gostyński


142 Polish Dominoes, Polish Clock | Anna Cieplak
145 History as Trauma | Agata Araszkiewicz

149 On Authors